Do I need an appointment?

Yes, appointments are required, but we will do our best to accommodate walk-ins!

When should I order my wedding dress?

Styles in the bridal industry are always changing, so we encourage brides to purchase whenever they are sure they have found "the one" to limit the chances of their dream dress being discontinued. Because of ordering times and the time it takes for alterations, we suggest brides start looking at Vera’s for their gown 9+ months out from the big day. Though many brides choose to come much sooner!

Do you carry bridal gowns in my size?

Yes, we do! We know how important it is to try on styles that actually fit, so we carry gowns in every size from 2 to 32! Brides often tell us on how great our selection is for curvier brides. We have over 150 gorgeous plus size styles!

What is your price range for gowns?

We have gorgeous gowns in every price point from $1000 to over $4000! Most of our gowns are under $2000, but just let your stylist know where you are comfortable and she will help you find the perfect gown!

How many guests can I bring with me to my appointment?

All of our private bridal suites comfortably seat 4-5 guests, but we don't limit how many guests can come with you to your appointment. We suggest at most 6 in your party, but you are welcome to bring more if you don't mind being cozy!

How long are bridal appointments?

Bridal appointments are 2 hours and we have to stick pretty closely to that schedule. We have over 800 gowns to shop and we want you have time to shop our extensive selection!

Are brides allowed to look through the bridal gowns themselves?

Yes, absolutely! You are always welcome to shop all of our gowns and choose which gowns you want to try on. You know your personal style best! Just let your stylist know which gowns caught your eye and she would be happy to bring them to your showroom for you to try on.

What should I bring with me to my appointment?

We suggest brides bring/wear whatever they are most comfortable in! Some brides find it helpful to have a strapless bra.

How long will it take for my dress to come in?

It can take 5-6 months for a bridal gown to arrive and bridesmaids’ and mothers’ dresses tend to take about 4-5 months. Don't have that much time? Some styles can be ordered with rush shipping (which takes about 12 weeks) and many brides prefer to select our showroom gowns as we sell most of the gowns that we have in house!

Do you do alterations?

We don't offer alterations on our gowns, but we have a long list of wonderful seamstresses (even in surrounding states) that our brides can use!

Are you open on Sunday?

Yes! But just for our Luxe Appointments. We are open Monday-Saturday for our regular appointments too!

Do you offer discounts on bridal gowns?

We are happy to say that we price all of our merchandise at the lowest price that the designers will allow, which is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Which means we can't reduce our prices more, but many brides have told us that our non-discounted gowns are priced lower than other stores “reduced price”!

Have more questions?

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